Nothing up My Sleeve

This sight is created to discuss And  promote the nudist life from a Nudist Christian point of view.       I don’t believe nudism is a immoral life style, but how a person conduct them selves can be.

A lot of conservative Christians  condemn social nudism because our society has turned the human body into a temple of sexual perversion.         Instead of honoring it as being a crowning jewel of God’s creation.

I think just like any other new experience in life,one need to learn what is the God honor way to enjoy some thing,and there of course is the flip side of the coin which is the perverse.         So like a new  born puppy that needs to learn the rule of where it is except able to do it’s   business IE on the paper or outside.

The own of the puppy trains the dog where to do it’s business, the own doesn’t get rid of the dog.

I feel the desire to go nude is a natural desire that many people suppress in themselves ,because our society has labeled it a sign of metal or spiritual dementia.

I believe that God created all living creature nude.  So one try to contradict me by stating birds are clothed with feathers,fish have scales.        Well, did they stop to consider that the larges ma male have no covering.          Consider these ma males,Elephants,  hippos,rhinos, whales.

So i am hoping that through this blog,people who are nudist but don’t know the saving relationship they can have with Jesus the Christ ,won’t think that their desire to live nude exempt them from the love and saving grace of God.

I am hoping that people who have a saving relationship with God,won’t reject the natural desire to free their body of being in prison in clothes.        Meaning their is a appropriate time and place for every season under the sun.

When you are a lone ,why wear clothes,it would be more healthier for you body to be open to the air and sun .   If you are around people who are comfortable with no sexual nudity, why be the social out cast,you came into the world with nothing on and you are leaving this world the same way.

What is important with you relationship with God ,loving Him,obeying His commandment,and serving the will of God with your life.

I believe that christian nudist have a better chance to share the gospel of Christ,with unbelieving audience of the nudist community ,then a christian who thinks their is something mental or spiritual derange with nudism.




Author: surealworld

Stephen J. Vattimo Born in 1965, and raised in the Philadelphia Pa. He is a Spiritual Artist, Poet, and Writer. He has been using art, poetry,writing to minister the teaching of the Holy Bible, through the internet, through printing self published books, through donations, and loan programs of his art to the public. He has been commissioned to do illustrations for publications, He has sold prints of his artwork, and has sold copies of his poetry.

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