A Servant Of The Lord In Need

Dear Friends, Pleases pray for me, i am still unemployed, but faithfuly looking for work. Two The government took away my medicare , they say I am making too munch income( my unemployment) What a unfunny joke.
So now i have to purchase my own health care.
Number three ,I may not beable to aford to participate in the Chadds Ford Pumpkin Carve due to my finaciual hardships i am facing.
Pray that God will make it clear to me to participat in this event or sit this year out. I have been pumpkin carving at the Chads Ford Great Pumpkin for the last 10 years.
May be God could raise a donation from the body of Christ to help me financualy during these finacialy troubled times.
I have been ministering the word of God fo over thirty year with out using anyone eles money,other then my own.
If the Lord should move on you to give a finacual gift, here is my. address : Stephen J. Vattimo
927 Ford st. Bridgeport Pa. 19405
Most of all pray for employment for me, to get a job that will provide for the cost of living and the cost of ministry.
Thank you for standing with me in my journy to standing before the throne of the glorified Christ.


Author: surealworld

Stephen J. Vattimo Born in 1965, and raised in the Philadelphia Pa. He is a Spiritual Artist, Poet, and Writer. He has been using art, poetry,writing to minister the teaching of the Holy Bible, through the internet, through printing self published books, through donations, and loan programs of his art to the public. He has been commissioned to do illustrations for publications, He has sold prints of his artwork, and has sold copies of his poetry.

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