When Handed Lemons Make lemonade

Since May I have been unemployed.       At first it was hard to take.  I haven’t had to look for a job in 10 years.       The fact that I have to look for another job at the age of 52 ,is not the kind of excitement, I,who likes an adventurous life,want to take on this challenge.

So yes life has handed me a basket of lemon,but I am by faith looking for work .       trusting that God will honor my efforts and open the door  to a new place of employment ,that will fit who He has created me to be.

So tho looking for work every day is boring , and discouraging .     I am thankful to God that I have been able to spend the last six moths,clothes free.

The only disappointing thing is, I have no money to attend nudist resorts.      I think nudism would be more popular, if the coast to attend one , was less expensive.

Most resorts around me coast $60 for a day visit.   Where regular swim club charge about  $ 10  for a day visit.

About five year ago ,I could care less how much resort charge, because I was hiking nude in wooded areas around me, without running into threading situation to my well being.

But the advent of  cell phone cameras, drones, and motion censer cameras set up in parks, it is hard not to be caught going nude out doors.

With laws against nudity extending in one.s own property and home.

If your neighbor spots your nudity , seen though your windows, or spotted on your own property .    You can install a high fence around your property  , but if your neighbor can see into your back yard from their second or third floor window, you can bet they will be trying to make trouble for you, via the local police department.

In the last past 5 years I have had experience some very threatening situation while hiking nude in wooded areas.      First incident was, i was spotted by some  workers for a park , that even thou they were not able correctly identify me, I was still given a citation and had to appear in court and pay a fine.

If money was of no consequence, I could have a lawyer show that I did not fit the description of the profile of the nudist they were looking for, even thou I was indeed the nudist they spotted.

Do you know that if i had not spent $1000. for a lawyer ,I could have been sentenced to 90 day in jail ,and put on a sex offender’s list.    Even tho , I am only guilt of hiking nude,trying not to run into anyone.

I had stayed away from hiking nude for about a year.      When i decided to go kinking along a wooded area along a river, I was seen by some teenager who had a riffle with them.     Even tho I try to loos they by hiding in some underbrush, They found me.

My third threading incident happen about six months ago, when I could not sleep because I had just lost my job.   So i decided to take a nude hike on a near by country club gulf course ,around 4 am .        I took my clothes off and placed them under a tree that i could remember.      When I hike nude, I don’t want any thing on my body.

Well I was 2 1/2 miles in the property when i notice at a distance of 30 yard, a group of canine, there could have been a pack of wild dogs or Coyotes.         All I know is I did not run,because i knew that would draw their attention to me ,and they would instinctively chase me.

Well  I had couple of things working against me.   The first challenge was I had to get back to my clothes before the canine catch me.   The second was not to be seen by near by home owners or get seen by cars passing by on the road that hemmed in the property.     I also head police    sirens a couple minutes before I spotter the pack.

Just like in a horror   movie, while searching trees in search to fanatically fine my clothes, I smacked my head on a low tree branch ,which knocked me right on my ass.

The impact was so great I was surprised I did not suffer a  concussion .  I was disoriented and my head was killing me,but the reminder I was being hunted  ,got me back to my feet and focused on getting out of their.

My heart was beating so hard,it felt like is was going to fly out of my nose any minute,because the leader of the park capt calling out to coordinate the pack in their hunt for me.

I even picked up a rake that was lying in a sand trap, to use as a weapon ward of an attack.        Thank the Lord my 30 minute of terror did come to an end, I found my clothes and put them on in speed record time ,and made my way out of their.

My last incident was when i went hiking in a wooded park, I heard police sirens, so I took no chances, found my clothes  , made my way out the general area.     As I was hiking my was back to my car, I find out from a park employee that the park was buttoned up, police from three department were on a man hunt for some one who assaulted a woman in the park.

So now with those pass events,I am on a nude hike hiatus.



Author: surealworld

Stephen J. Vattimo Born in 1965, and raised in the Philadelphia Pa. He is a Spiritual Artist, Poet, and Writer. He has been using art, poetry,writing to minister the teaching of the Holy Bible, through the internet, through printing self published books, through donations, and loan programs of his art to the public. He has been commissioned to do illustrations for publications, He has sold prints of his artwork, and has sold copies of his poetry.

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