Free My Mind

Friends I find different voices in society have poisoned our minds.   They have brain washed us through the media, to think that our bodies should only uncovered for sexual activity.

That it’s desired or encouraged to have attractive people run around naked, but not average looking people.

Or it ok for heathens to go to a nude resort, but it hypocritical for a spiritually mind Christian to frequent a nudist beach or resort.

It seems to me that the devil has convinced   humanity that you can’t both seek a close walk with God, and pursue unity between mind, body, soul by removing the barriers wearing clothes cause.

I feel that when wearing clothes, the bodies senses are numbed, and that people only hear and see life, but they don’t feel the world around them.

Yet my thought returns to God’s creation, that every living thing is naked, and the rest of creation does not try to cover their natural form.

If you spend a lot of time around animals’, you will see their genitalia all day long and think nothing about it.

I my self look at nude picture of people, of all shapes, sizes, ethnic origins, ages, male and female.

I don’t do it to stimulate my sexual urges.    I do it desensitize my mine toward nudity.

Meaning that society has programed my mind to react toward naked people in a sexual way or think that a person who enjoys nudity has some kind immoral objective or is mentally screwed up in the head.

It’s a shame that a person who is a bible believing Christian can’t be open about their nude life style.

I personally don’t talk about the subject, unless I know the other person I am conversing with is also a nudist.

I myself go naked any w here it is safe for me remove my clothes.

When I say safe, I refer not exposing my body where my surrounding could harm me.     The harm could come from weather, plants or animal life, or other humans who would try to harm me because they are alarm by my nakedness.

Society has also conditioned people to think that going nude is un hygienic.    Well a human body will more un hygienic, have more problems with thing like jock inch, athletes foot, other fungus that accrue on the human body where it gets sweaty and remain wet in a dark place under our clothes, which the clothes that absorb the sweet keep the moister trapped against our bodies.

Society also has us believing it is un hygienic to be nude because of body waste being spread all over the place.     If you wipe your bottom and your front after using the water closes, and for extra measures use baby whips to make sure you didn’t miss clean oneself properly.      There would be not falling out your font or back door.

Think about, all the people who have  dogs and cats roaming through their house, sitting on their furniture, sleeping in their beds with them at night.         Do these people worry about their pet’s body waste ending up on their furniture or in their bed?    The answer is nope!

Now the only concern I would have about body waste, would be if you are a person who has had the laxity of your Sphincter muscle lost due to anole sex.

The positive aspect of going nude is that your body is getting the air it is cut off from while wearing clothes for most of the day.

You look at your feet after you take your shoe off after finishing a long day at work?       They look like shriveled raisons, that because they have been cut off from receiving air over a long period of time.

So, I believe that going nude is essential for healthy skin.

Remember in the being God man the man and the woman and he place them in a garden and game them instructions to have dominion over all his creation, to multiply , and fill the earth.

They wee naked and not ashamed.

So, I encourage you to spend some time enjoy life with all you senses open, and spend some time practicing unity of body, mind, soul.  Remove the barrier of clothes that prevent all three from interacting in harmony with each other.

I don’t live naked because I have an attractive body, I go nude because my body was wonderfully made by my creator.


Author: surealworld

Stephen J. Vattimo Born in 1965, and raised in the Philadelphia Pa. He is a Spiritual Artist, Poet, and Writer. He has been using art, poetry,writing to minister the teaching of the Holy Bible, through the internet, through printing self published books, through donations, and loan programs of his art to the public. He has been commissioned to do illustrations for publications, He has sold prints of his artwork, and has sold copies of his poetry.

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