I feel Trapped

Do you feel trapped? Like an animal in a cage/      I don’t know what your cage is.

My cage is not having the freedom to enjoy the outdoors in the nude.  I use to hike in the nude often and in a lot of different places.         Then there came the time that every time I took a nude hike, something bad would happen

Here are some of my misfortunes  that have occurred ;

Seen and reported to the park ranger station by a group of woman who worked for the nature conservancy.    I had to appear in court and was fined $ 275.00 as a bargain plea.

If I had not had a lawyer I could have done jail time.

I was Hunted until found by teenage boys who had a shotgun in their possession.

I was hunted by wild dogs while hiking at a gulf course 3Am.     I had to make my way back to where I hid my clothes, without being seen by someone, or the dogs attacking me.

A lady runner was mugged, and the police from a several police department were blanketing the park trying to catch him while I was hiking nude in the park.

Today I tried to hike in the nude along a field along a river and no sooner took my clothes off, I heard voices and had to frantically put my clothes back on.

I wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen by passers-by if they didn’t have their cell phones to take my picture then send it to the police to report me for indecent exposure.

So, I really miss the freedom I use to enjoy until this risky incidences start happening when I would go nude.

The real drag is that the next time I get in trouble with the law, I might go away to jail for a while.

So now I have lost my outdoor nudity activities.






Author: surealworld

Stephen J. Vattimo Born in 1965, and raised in the Philadelphia Pa. He is a Spiritual Artist, Poet, and Writer. He has been using art, poetry,writing to minister the teaching of the Holy Bible, through the internet, through printing self published books, through donations, and loan programs of his art to the public. He has been commissioned to do illustrations for publications, He has sold prints of his artwork, and has sold copies of his poetry.

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