I feel Trapped

Do you feel trapped? Like an animal in a cage/      I don’t know what your cage is.

My cage is not having the freedom to enjoy the outdoors in the nude.  I use to hike in the nude often and in a lot of different places.         Then there came the time that every time I took a nude hike, something bad would happen

Here are some of my misfortunes  that have occurred ;

Seen and reported to the park ranger station by a group of woman who worked for the nature conservancy.    I had to appear in court and was fined $ 275.00 as a bargain plea.

If I had not had a lawyer I could have done jail time.

I was Hunted until found by teenage boys who had a shotgun in their possession.

I was hunted by wild dogs while hiking at a gulf course 3Am.     I had to make my way back to where I hid my clothes, without being seen by someone, or the dogs attacking me.

A lady runner was mugged, and the police from a several police department were blanketing the park trying to catch him while I was hiking nude in the park.

Today I tried to hike in the nude along a field along a river and no sooner took my clothes off, I heard voices and had to frantically put my clothes back on.

I wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen by passers-by if they didn’t have their cell phones to take my picture then send it to the police to report me for indecent exposure.

So, I really miss the freedom I use to enjoy until this risky incidences start happening when I would go nude.

The real drag is that the next time I get in trouble with the law, I might go away to jail for a while.

So now I have lost my outdoor nudity activities.






Free My Mind

Friends I find different voices in society have poisoned our minds.   They have brain washed us through the media, to think that our bodies should only uncovered for sexual activity.

That it’s desired or encouraged to have attractive people run around naked, but not average looking people.

Or it ok for heathens to go to a nude resort, but it hypocritical for a spiritually mind Christian to frequent a nudist beach or resort.

It seems to me that the devil has convinced   humanity that you can’t both seek a close walk with God, and pursue unity between mind, body, soul by removing the barriers wearing clothes cause.

I feel that when wearing clothes, the bodies senses are numbed, and that people only hear and see life, but they don’t feel the world around them.

Yet my thought returns to God’s creation, that every living thing is naked, and the rest of creation does not try to cover their natural form.

If you spend a lot of time around animals’, you will see their genitalia all day long and think nothing about it.

I my self look at nude picture of people, of all shapes, sizes, ethnic origins, ages, male and female.

I don’t do it to stimulate my sexual urges.    I do it desensitize my mine toward nudity.

Meaning that society has programed my mind to react toward naked people in a sexual way or think that a person who enjoys nudity has some kind immoral objective or is mentally screwed up in the head.

It’s a shame that a person who is a bible believing Christian can’t be open about their nude life style.

I personally don’t talk about the subject, unless I know the other person I am conversing with is also a nudist.

I myself go naked any w here it is safe for me remove my clothes.

When I say safe, I refer not exposing my body where my surrounding could harm me.     The harm could come from weather, plants or animal life, or other humans who would try to harm me because they are alarm by my nakedness.

Society has also conditioned people to think that going nude is un hygienic.    Well a human body will more un hygienic, have more problems with thing like jock inch, athletes foot, other fungus that accrue on the human body where it gets sweaty and remain wet in a dark place under our clothes, which the clothes that absorb the sweet keep the moister trapped against our bodies.

Society also has us believing it is un hygienic to be nude because of body waste being spread all over the place.     If you wipe your bottom and your front after using the water closes, and for extra measures use baby whips to make sure you didn’t miss clean oneself properly.      There would be not falling out your font or back door.

Think about, all the people who have  dogs and cats roaming through their house, sitting on their furniture, sleeping in their beds with them at night.         Do these people worry about their pet’s body waste ending up on their furniture or in their bed?    The answer is nope!

Now the only concern I would have about body waste, would be if you are a person who has had the laxity of your Sphincter muscle lost due to anole sex.

The positive aspect of going nude is that your body is getting the air it is cut off from while wearing clothes for most of the day.

You look at your feet after you take your shoe off after finishing a long day at work?       They look like shriveled raisons, that because they have been cut off from receiving air over a long period of time.

So, I believe that going nude is essential for healthy skin.

Remember in the being God man the man and the woman and he place them in a garden and game them instructions to have dominion over all his creation, to multiply , and fill the earth.

They wee naked and not ashamed.

So, I encourage you to spend some time enjoy life with all you senses open, and spend some time practicing unity of body, mind, soul.  Remove the barrier of clothes that prevent all three from interacting in harmony with each other.

I don’t live naked because I have an attractive body, I go nude because my body was wonderfully made by my creator.

Free Your Body and Feel More Alive

Why wear clothes when no one is around to be offend by your natural body?

When i take a walk in the woods and the weather is notthreating,and no one is around to see me, I want to remove my clothes.

my favorit thing to do is find a place to hide my clothes so i don’t have to carry them in my hands or in a back pack.      When i take my lothes of,I want to be free of all contack with object like a back pack.

I do ware sneakers on my feet,because if i need to get out of sight line of a person before they see me.I can with out sticks and rocks prohibiting my effort to hide my self.

I my self do not have an attractive body.  but the body to me is more then sexual attraction.     To me body freedom adds to life.    I feel people who alway cover their bodies, are nomb to the world around them.

When a person is naked, there is no irotations from underwear bands,no underwear riding up a persons, rear,or riding up a woman vigina , or pinching a man balls, or cause excessive sweating ( which feel like wearing a wet dieper . no pants to rub one hips.

Wearing no shirt, you don’t have a shirt rubing one’s nipple rare while sweating during  long distances run.

If you want experience a near orgasam with out sex, try rollerblading naked.  When you roller blade your legs don’t rub to gether ,because you porpell youself forward by king out ward with your legs, so the air is alway flowing between your legs.

As you cruse along the air will flow over every part of you body.   The air causes movement through all the hair on your body, and all of your body sences come alive.

If you are a man , feeling you penis and ball swaying back with the air cresing them while keeping them cool feel alsom.

I would like for a woman to go rollerblading in the nude and tell every one what if feels as the air pass over their body,and how it feels when the air pass through their vigina.

I my self pray that God would teach my how to live naked in the way he design Humans to live before Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate from the tree the knowledge of Good and evil.  We know nudity is not a sin ,because when God asked Adam where he was,and He told God he was hiding because he was naked.         God ask Adam who told you ,your were naked?

Sex was not the first sin, like the Catholic church falsely teaches, because in Geneses Chapter two God told them to be fruitful and multiple and subdue the earth.

The chapter closes with this statement, the man and his wife were naked and unashamed.

When i see large animals like elephant , Hippos , Rhino’ , whales, it dawns on me they are more naked then most human.      So why are human the only species that gets offended by nudity of their own species ?

By the way, if you clean youself after using the bath room, and you shower every day, you body will not soil your furniture.

I live nake at home and i don’t put down any towl when i sit, I can tell you my clothes or my furniture have no soil from my body onthem.

It’s no different then you pets sitting on your furniture or sleeping in bed with you, rememer, your body is no dirtyer then you nake pet’s body.

I have no rose buds left in my under wear,be i kep my self clean and because i don’t wear under wear.

So in conclusion, it is much more healther for your body to remove your clothes when you are in an enviroment that does not require to wear them.

I will believe your will find live is more invigorating when you add nudism as part of your daily life style.

To be or not to be

Follow nudists,


Do you shave all the hair off your body?       If you have a hairy body,is it labor some remove all your hair?    Or is it costly to have it removed?

I think hair under woman’s’ arms,on legs,even on faces look better shaved.    But I don’t think removing the bush is necessary,but it might look more attractive if trimmed.

I am a hairy person,but my body hair is not heavy or coarse. It is medium in appearance and soft to the touch.              My body is covered it hair except my butt and my lower back.

So I groom the hair on my body so it doesn’t appear out of the collar of my shirt.    Other than that  my body hair doesn’t need trimming.

I think that body hair make bodies visually unique, like freckle, males,or color of skin.

I feel if God placed hair on my body why mess with his art project.

Their is so much uniqueness and beauty    of the human body we do not see because nudity is against the law, deemed immoral behavior.


When Handed Lemons Make lemonade

Since May I have been unemployed.       At first it was hard to take.  I haven’t had to look for a job in 10 years.       The fact that I have to look for another job at the age of 52 ,is not the kind of excitement, I,who likes an adventurous life,want to take on this challenge.

So yes life has handed me a basket of lemon,but I am by faith looking for work .       trusting that God will honor my efforts and open the door  to a new place of employment ,that will fit who He has created me to be.

So tho looking for work every day is boring , and discouraging .     I am thankful to God that I have been able to spend the last six moths,clothes free.

The only disappointing thing is, I have no money to attend nudist resorts.      I think nudism would be more popular, if the coast to attend one , was less expensive.

Most resorts around me coast $60 for a day visit.   Where regular swim club charge about  $ 10  for a day visit.

About five year ago ,I could care less how much resort charge, because I was hiking nude in wooded areas around me, without running into threading situation to my well being.

But the advent of  cell phone cameras, drones, and motion censer cameras set up in parks, it is hard not to be caught going nude out doors.

With laws against nudity extending in one.s own property and home.

If your neighbor spots your nudity , seen though your windows, or spotted on your own property .    You can install a high fence around your property  , but if your neighbor can see into your back yard from their second or third floor window, you can bet they will be trying to make trouble for you, via the local police department.

In the last past 5 years I have had experience some very threatening situation while hiking nude in wooded areas.      First incident was, i was spotted by some  workers for a park , that even thou they were not able correctly identify me, I was still given a citation and had to appear in court and pay a fine.

If money was of no consequence, I could have a lawyer show that I did not fit the description of the profile of the nudist they were looking for, even thou I was indeed the nudist they spotted.

Do you know that if i had not spent $1000. for a lawyer ,I could have been sentenced to 90 day in jail ,and put on a sex offender’s list.    Even tho , I am only guilt of hiking nude,trying not to run into anyone.

I had stayed away from hiking nude for about a year.      When i decided to go kinking along a wooded area along a river, I was seen by some teenager who had a riffle with them.     Even tho I try to loos they by hiding in some underbrush, They found me.

My third threading incident happen about six months ago, when I could not sleep because I had just lost my job.   So i decided to take a nude hike on a near by country club gulf course ,around 4 am .        I took my clothes off and placed them under a tree that i could remember.      When I hike nude, I don’t want any thing on my body.

Well I was 2 1/2 miles in the property when i notice at a distance of 30 yard, a group of canine, there could have been a pack of wild dogs or Coyotes.         All I know is I did not run,because i knew that would draw their attention to me ,and they would instinctively chase me.

Well  I had couple of things working against me.   The first challenge was I had to get back to my clothes before the canine catch me.   The second was not to be seen by near by home owners or get seen by cars passing by on the road that hemmed in the property.     I also head police    sirens a couple minutes before I spotter the pack.

Just like in a horror   movie, while searching trees in search to fanatically fine my clothes, I smacked my head on a low tree branch ,which knocked me right on my ass.

The impact was so great I was surprised I did not suffer a  concussion .  I was disoriented and my head was killing me,but the reminder I was being hunted  ,got me back to my feet and focused on getting out of their.

My heart was beating so hard,it felt like is was going to fly out of my nose any minute,because the leader of the park capt calling out to coordinate the pack in their hunt for me.

I even picked up a rake that was lying in a sand trap, to use as a weapon ward of an attack.        Thank the Lord my 30 minute of terror did come to an end, I found my clothes and put them on in speed record time ,and made my way out of their.

My last incident was when i went hiking in a wooded park, I heard police sirens, so I took no chances, found my clothes  , made my way out the general area.     As I was hiking my was back to my car, I find out from a park employee that the park was buttoned up, police from three department were on a man hunt for some one who assaulted a woman in the park.

So now with those pass events,I am on a nude hike hiatus.


A Servant Of The Lord In Need

Dear Friends, Pleases pray for me, i am still unemployed, but faithfuly looking for work. Two The government took away my medicare , they say I am making too munch income( my unemployment) What a unfunny joke.
So now i have to purchase my own health care.
Number three ,I may not beable to aford to participate in the Chadds Ford Pumpkin Carve due to my finaciual hardships i am facing.
Pray that God will make it clear to me to participat in this event or sit this year out. I have been pumpkin carving at the Chads Ford Great Pumpkin for the last 10 years.
May be God could raise a donation from the body of Christ to help me financualy during these finacialy troubled times.
I have been ministering the word of God fo over thirty year with out using anyone eles money,other then my own.
If the Lord should move on you to give a finacual gift, here is my. address : Stephen J. Vattimo
927 Ford st. Bridgeport Pa. 19405
Most of all pray for employment for me, to get a job that will provide for the cost of living and the cost of ministry.
Thank you for standing with me in my journy to standing before the throne of the glorified Christ.

Social chains put on Men Nudists

As you have read many times that social nudity is not about sex. Social

nudity is about having the freedom enjoy life the way God had created man, as well as the animals, naked. Now people have argued that Animals have fur, birds have feathers and fish have scales.

Well have they consider the fact that their are plenty of God’s creatures that are as naked as human are? Example: Elephants,Hippos ,Rhinos, whales,and the list could go on.

Many animals genital s are visible , but man kind doesn’t come across this situation as commonly as they did when the human society was depended upon farming,and raising animal for their individual survival,and source of transportation.

So why are people of western society so put off buy human nudity?

I find our society has a case of schizophrenia,when it comes to human nudity.

On the one hand we have a society viewing nudist as people who are mentally ill,and immoral, lack good judgement.

Yet the same people who believe this philosophy watch pornographic movies,go to strip bars, look at skin magazines.

So it seems to me they have been conditioned by society to except nudity when it is sex related,and reject it when it is practiced in a nonsexual way .

An other case of society has schizophrenia, Is that it is unsanitary for humans to go nude. Human must wear close so their body waste and fluids won’t get on furniture or on the floor. But yet most people have a pet,or more then one,and the animal are wearing no clothes to prevent their body wast of fluids from get the furniture or on the floor.

Matter of fact pet owners allow their pet to sleep in their beds with them.

So if human practice regular go hygiene , I don’t see how human bodies can cause any more hygienically problem then their pet’s naked bodies can.

I think it is hypocritical of the nudist social scene to place rules on men concerning their bodies but no rules on woman bodies.

Humans no mater male or female get erections . Men and woman both get get erected with their nipples and in their crotch.

With men it is more notice able with their penis,were woman is is their nipple getting hard. Woman Virginia’s also secrete fluid when aroused.

But it is only the man who has rules placed on him to hide his erection if he has one.

How can the nudist community preach body freedom when they are condemning the natural response of a man’s penis.

Why should a woman nudist feel uncomfortable around a erected penis.

Erections of men or woman should not bother nudists. What should not be tolerated is disrespect,unwanted advancements,lewd sexual behavior or conversation.

Consider this thought, it prevalent among woman ,more then men to love horses and taking horse riding lessons . It is common that a male horse’s penis will drop, and it is a common site for woman to seen this.

I mean how can any one not notice a 4–5 ft penis drop? So do woman ask the owner of the stable to put something on the horse so that the rider doesn’t have to see the horses penis?

I also think men more than woman find them selves under scrutiny for sexual immoral motivation when they are talking to children or woman.

So how can a man enjoy his time in social nudity if he feels like everyone is dissecting his every action or conversation,trying to find immoral intent were there is none.

I believe social nudity should be a society that nurtures a environment free spiritless and a relaxing atmosphere for every one, and also be safe place to enjoy feeling the world around us with our bodies.